Nov 28th – Sydney Edu Hackathon


Thank you to the instructors and students for making this a great day! Thanks also to @pc0 and @iCentralco for generously donating the venue!

Code used on the day will be added to the relevant sections below.

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Tickets are a must, and can be obtained from


We’re holding an impromptu educational hackathon on Sat 28th Nov at iCentral.

We’re going to be covering some educational stuff around Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, CD and some automated testing that you can apply on your own laptops.

Pre-installing some software will speed up the start of the session. Please can you install the following….

  1. Vagrant


Please can you familiarise yourself with the very basics, and make sure that you have download the following box.
e.g. mkdir blah;cd blah;vagrant init
...then change this line... = "base"
 FOR = "puppetlabs/centos-7.0-64-puppet-enterprise"
 Save...then `vagrant up` will automatically download and cache it for your future reuse.
  1. Docker

OSX / Windows – install Docker toolbox” and on linux – just install Docker.

  1. Jenkins

After installing Docker....
i) get your Jenkins/Docker installed

$ docker pull jenkins

ii) setup/install jenkins (+ plugins) ??  probably want git/git-client

iii) setup/install Jenkins Job Builder (JJB)

For BastionLinux:
yum install python-jenkins-job-builder

For everyone else:

$ pip install jenkins-job-builder


Tickets are a must, and can be obtained from

See you all iCentral, lv3 234 Sussex Street, Sydney 0845 for a 9am start.

Bring your laptop, fully charged 🙂

Any questions, drop me an email… whizbang.wallace ATT

Stephen Wallace